Our Immigration services

Immigration Solutions

Finding the most economical and time effective solution for your transferee.
Depending on the destination country, the process to live and work in compliance with the local legislation can vary greatly.


  • Business Visa
  • Processing for a foreign employee
  • Processing for the accompanying family
  • Work permit extension


  • Residence permit for the employee
  • Permit for the accompanying family
  • EU partner or French spouse residency permit
  • Provisional study permit
  • Residence permit
  • Change of status
  • DCEM for children under the age of 18
  • Naturalisation


  • Social security registration
  • Family allocation registration
  • URSSAF – Sole representative foreign firm
  • Driver’s licence exchange
  • Vehicle registration
  • Translation & apostilles coordination

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3 questions to our migration experts

Which expatriation aspects do you concentrate on>

The 5 essential functions are:

  • Consulting, to determine the best procedure according to the transferee’s needs
  • Collect all documents from the employer and the transferee
  • Validate the legal aspect of each file
  • Deliver files to the relevant administrative offices
  • Follow-up and review until the final official documents are obtained

More specifically what immigration services do we assist with?

In France and overseas, we assist employers to obtain visas and permits with work authorisation. We also assist employees with local social security registration, obtaining a driver’s license, vehicle registration and registration with social organisations.

Which assets does our team have to successfully conduct every assignment?

Our team has extensive experience in this domain and we regularly update our regulatory and legislative knowledge thanks to an ongoing training programme.
Our relationship with our network in the relevant Ministries and administrative departments is also an important asset. These contacts make procedures and complex files follow-up much easier.
And last but not the least, we are able to guarantee our clients that we can meet precise deadlines.


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