Our move management solutions

Global Move Management

Comprehensive and optimal move management for your employees, both from a logistical and financial standpoint.

Removal coordination

  • Transferee Support
  • Organising volume estimated household goods
  • Ensuring a competitive environment amongst companies (including those selected by you)
  • Obtaining and analyzing various quotations, providing recommendations
  • Assistance in drafting a detailed inventory and valuating the goods to be relocated
  • Coordination of the move from pick up to delivery
  • Storage management and coordination
  • Establishing a relationship with various additional workmen (electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Arranging pet transportation
  • Monitoring of service provider’s invoices and validating for payment
  • Claims Management on behalf of your employees
  • Quality monitoring through service evaluations sent to your employees
  • Regular reporting to your department

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2 questions for… Albin Porquez

Chief Executive Officer

How do you insure compliance & cost containment in your service delivery process ?

Compliance being our number one priority, there is absolutely no compromise.

Therefore, we work with a network of certified professionals, financially and professionally vetted on a quarterly basis, insuring an optimized quality-price service result, within the targeted timeline. As we do not believe in over-promising and under delivering, this constant leverage is what stands us apart.

In addition, through our independent volume experience, we are ensuring that our clients obtain the best quality-price ratio available on the market, regardless of the time of the year.

What trends do you see appearing in move management optimization ?

As Move Management support is becoming an integrated part of global mobility management services, more and more clients are looking for a turn-key solution, involving not only strict adherence to their mobility policy, but also a concern for service approach. This is difficult to obtain if you just hand over your policy on a strict process basis.

Intelligent decisions need to be made in real time.

As a result, more than just Move Management support, our role as a gatekeeper and caretaker are being evaluated as a key performance indicator, similar to standard timing related values..