About Us

Company presentation

For more than 30 years, Executive Relocations manages employees’ domestic and international geographic mobility on behalf of companies.
Benefiting from a large span of services and expertise, Executive Relocations creates a global or modular service offering, entirely tailored to your needs, whatever the employee’s profile or the destination country.

In France, Executive Relocations benefits from our own 10 regional offices with over 200 experts.

Executive Relocations works internationally with a network of 300 certified partners and through 55 offices of our own in Africa and the Middle East .

An innovative approach to mobility allows Executive Relocations to adapt to each and every client and accompany them in a tailored manner with their domestic and international development.

Global mobility management

Global mobility management incorporates services around our 4 areas of expertise:

Combining resources, means and expertise, Executive Relocations, first French integrator of services linked to geographic relocation, acts as a conductor, thus guaranteeing cost savings, implications of the company’s relocation policy, their value satisfaction metrics and that of their employees.