Our solutions

Administrative and Financial management

Providing you with consulting strategies to implement in order to optimise your relocation policy and manage on a day to day basis all administrative and financial aspects of your employees’ relocation

Daily Management

  • Organization of trips (hotel, air and train ticket reservations)
  • Search for the best service providers and negotiate a competitive pricing structure
  • Monitor your employees’ expenses
  • Reimbursing employees for expenses and monthly re-invoicing to your department per type of expense or per employee
  • Tax declarations and coordination with the host country
  • Monitor expenses related to the accommodation

Consulting on your international mobility policy

  • Review of existing policies and procedures
  • Consulting and or drafting of a mobility policy (international or domestic)
  • Assistance with implementing the mobility policy
  • Employees’ allowances
  • A compliance audit in relation to the local legislature on employment rights

Social and tax optimisation

  • Forecast of tax and social risks for the company and the employee
  • Social and tax optimisation of international relocations and compensation packages
  • Relocation costs breakdown
  • Definition of relocated employees’ health coverage and secondment management

2 questions for… Anne Robert

Co-Managing Director

Why have these services become so popular with today’s international mobility leaders ?

Handing over the difficult and lengthy payment remittance process is something our clients are always eager to do.

Being a non-core, but highly spotlighted function, insuring proper and justified payment remittance is something we do well, due in part to our centralized and transparent tracking system. As tailor-made services & reporting metrics are part of our DNA at ER, we are able to provide what our clients need, in real time.

As a result, visibility on cost and projected cost, based on volume metrics, allows our clients to obtain the necessary data, when they need it, helping our clients to make the right decisions.

Why is timing the key which sets us apart ?

Whether it be securing the initial property payments within a short timeline or ensuring your assignees are reimbursed in a timely manner, it is all about the timing.

Why ? Because it illustrates our commitment to excellence in the quality of our services, and simply that we care about the assignees’ peace of mind. No one wants to be left hanging when it comes to these matters, so our full-proof timing remittance process is something our clients appreciate, no longer need to worry about, and rave about in our service evaluation returns.

It may not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it is definitely on ours.