Tailored Global Move solution – Corporate Relocation Services

Global mobility management

Our Global move Management system facilitates all the steps and stages of your transferee’s corporate relocation process for you.

This offer consists of a range of corporate relocation services available in packages or à la carte, providing a comprehensive and seamless service coordination offer, divided into 4 categories:


  • Immigration : Assistance in all steps necessary to work and reside in a foreign country, including the transferee and family members compliance with local laws and visa applications.
  • Relocation: Search for permanent or temporary accommodation worldwide, settling in assistance and integration of the transferee and his/her family in a new environment, helpline and more.
  • Removal: Several removal companies compete for the delivery of effects, nationally or internationally, and we can fully manage the removal operation.
  • Relocation administrative and financial management: Consulting your relocation policy, tax and social optimization, management associated with relocation, rental management, cash advance and more.

Within our 4 corporate moving service categories, we develop packages that best fit your corporate relocation policy and your transferee’s.

3 questions for… Eric Morel

Sales Director

In addition to your traditional à la carte services, why do you now offer a so-called ‘integrated’ service?

This offer arose due to the difficulties expressed by the Human Resources managers with whom we work, when they self-manage a transferee:

  • The number of stakeholders and service providers is time consuming for the company and also for the transferee who is being relocated,
  • HR departments are diverted from their primary functions for tasks outside of their expertise, and of which is not time efficient,
  • Costs are not optimised due to lack of expertise in each specific area,
  • Unknown costs as they are shared between different services and are not systematically related to the relocation of the employee,

What are the advantages of corporate relocation services for a company?

There are many!

  • Consistency in transfer operations: Irrespective of the country of deployment, the level of service provided by Executive Relocations is identical.
  • Simplicity: A single supplier for a comprehensive and centralised solution.
  • Timer saving: Lighten the tasks of HR or corporate relocation departments, they can concentrate on their core business
  • Increased productivity: Your employee is up and running quickly thanks to a successful settling in and integration.
  • Information: Comprehensive reporting on the Internet via a secure and cost transparency (computing the actual cost of each employee being relocated).
  • Assistance with decision-making: Advice on relocation policy and a personalised offer.
  • Peace of mind: A relocation professional at your service and who links you with your employee, thus minimising potential internal tensions.
  • Consistent process: The relocation process is a series of interrelated steps for which Executive Relocations ensures global consistency.

And if I’m an HR manager, what are the advantages of such a global solution for my team?

I would say mainly:

  • Streamlining: A dedicated contact person throughout the moving phase.
  • Information: Detailed reporting and tracking of files on a customised interface that is accessible on the Internet via secure access.
  • Understanding: We adapt to the needs of the employee in respect of your employee relocation policy.
  • Stress-free: You can be sure that the employee’s family is taken care of, and the employee is quickly operational and less prone to stress
  • Reassurance: Our relocation managers guide and advise the employee at every stage of his relocation

We are proud to be a service provider which people can count on 100%!