Executive Relocations supports you
in your search for accommodation

As part of the Family Plan 2, Executive Relocations has been mandated by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to support all military personnel on geographic mobility from overseas or abroad to Ile-de-France.

In 2023, more than 70 military personnel will have been able to find accommodation with Executive Relocations and benefit from our installation assistance.


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Your move in 4 steps:

Executive Relocations facilitates your relocation and that of your family during periods of change.

We support you in selecting your mover and offer you an easy-
to-use platform with multiple services. Your well-being is essential to us.


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Initiation of the request on the platform


Calculation of the volume of personal effects online


• Collection of 3 to 6 quotes from approved movers

• On-line

• Choose your mover!


Secure moving payment



Information at every stage of your mobility

  • Guide to the real estate market and rents
  • Guide to academic potential and childcare solutions
  • Guide to health structures

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La mobilité des ressortissants du Ministère des Armées

La mobilité des ressortissants du ministère des Armées comporte certaines spécificités : mutations fréquentes, parfois inopinées, garnisons isolées, mission lointaine du conjoint militaire pendant le déménagement … Des dispositifs performants d’accompagnement de cette mobilité existent déjà en interne (politique du logement familial, aides sociales …) mais, dans certains cas, le ressortissant, militaire ou civil, peut avoir besoin d’aide dans des domaines qui relèvent surtout de la sphère privée.

Société spécialiste de la mobilité nationale et internationale depuis plus de 25 ans, Executive Relocations a mis en mouvement son expérience et son savoir-faire, pour concevoir et proposer aux ressortissants du ministère des Armées des prestations d’accompagnement adaptées à leurs besoins et à leurs spécificités, à tarifs préférentiels.

Depuis 2006, des conventions de partenariat, signées entre Executive Relocations et certaines armées, permettent une large information des personnels sur ces nouveaux services qui leur sont proposés.
Plus d’informations sur le site du Ministère.

In a context particularly marked by territorial restructuring and the strengthening of military personnel at NATO , using a private company offering innovative services complementary to those offered by the ministry can make your life easier .


Why consult us ?

Using our relocation services saves you time, energy and money.
Accepting accommodation without having seen it, either in real life or in photos, is a gamble that not everyone wants to make. Traveling for a weekend to visit two or three homes or simply to sign a lease quickly costs €250 or €300, that is to say more expensive than one-off use of our services.

By entrusting us with certain tasks, you save your time and, ultimately, your money. We centralize your needs and requests and manage the hazards of your installation for you. You have a dedicated contact person for all your questions relating to your mobility.


What we offer you

Housing: We help you find your future accommodation

We bring you our expertise in the real estate market in each region by advising you in your search. Based on a detailed questionnaire, we help you select accommodation in your future region and organize your visits. All the accommodation offered will meet all the selection criteria that we will have defined together.
We can also visit the accommodation you have selected for you (with photo report), including Defense accommodation possibly offered by the accommodation office of your future garrison.

Installation: We help you carry out the administrative formalities related to your home.

We can represent you for the signing of your lease, the carrying out of your inventory (entry or exit), the subscription or termination of your subscriptions (water / gas / electricity / telephone), the subscription of your insurance (home, vehicle, school) or your children’s school registrations. Everything is operational the day you enter the premises !
International : Upon request, we offer you all these services, in the form of a package, during a transfer abroad, in particular to NATO posts.
We work in more than 300 destinations around the world thanks to our 56 locations and a network of more than 400 agents abroad to provide these relocation services.


They trusted us and are telling you about it:

“This type of service can really bring something to soldiers on mission, without family, whose spouse is not mobile […] or even returning from overseas. »“Your services are very interesting for people like us who move very often. »

“Receiving a visit report constitutes real added value for choosing accommodation with full knowledge of the facts. In addition, the fact of being represented for the signing of the lease and the inventory of fixtures avoids having to find a time slot for these formalities which normally condition entry into the new accommodation. »

“Excellent service and help from the company, which is appreciated in these special times. »