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imgImmigration Newsletter - March 2018



Secondment declaration verifications reinforced
  In the absence of a declaration, the foreign company, the contracting authority or the ordering person, will be liable for work suspension as well as a fine of up to 2000 euros per employee.

This measure came into effect on 01 January 2018.


Change in Work Visa Conditions

A dozen resolutions concerning working visas were published on 08 December 2017. They establish various categories and subcategories of visas for foreign workers. The resolutions reinforce the requirements for three main categories. Applicants will be required to prove their professional experience or educational background in the following cases:
  • Technicians will need to prove three years of previous experience.
  • Undergraduate professionals (without a university degree) must have 12 years of regular education and demonstrate 4 years of professional experience.
  • Artists or professionals involved in cultural or similar activities must have three years of professional experience.

New financial constraints for Work Permits

The Singapore Ministry of Labour (MOM) has reviewed the minimum wage allowances for work permit applicants. Since 01 January 2018:
  • Work permit holders must have a minimum fixed monthly salary of $6,000 in order to be eligible to bring their spouse / children.
  • Work permit holders must receive a minimum fixed monthly salary of $12,000 in order to eligible to bring their parents.

Ivory Coast
A New Biometric Card available for the Ivory Coast

At the beginning of October, the government set up a biometric resident card for more than one million foreign residents in the country, excluding ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

The temporary permit became invalid from 31 December 2017, hence the urgency to renew the residence permit. This biometric card will make life easier for French economic personnel for example.

Delays in Visa Issuance for China

Since May 2017, Chinese authorities have tightened controls on visa application files at various consulates, as well as on work permit applications. Chinese visa applicants or work permits (initial and renewal) must anticipate longer processing times and more unpredictability in managing applications by immigration authorities.

Minimum wage increase

Ireland raised its minimum wage by 0.3% from 9.25 to 9.55 per hour. The change could affect the wages paid to foreign workers, especially those with a work permit for "dependents, partners and spouses", trainees with a work visa and, in some cases, employees benefiting from an intra company work permit.

Increase of the minimum salary

Turkey’s minimum wage has increased, which affects foreign employees with local contracts. The minimum wage for foreign workers has been increased by 14%. The minimum gross monthly salary will now be TRY2,029.50 (approximately US$535) and the minimum net monthly salary will be TRY1,603.12. However, salaries are consistent with the level of qualification or responsibility of the position and higher minimum wages will apply to certain jobs.