Chairman’s Message

3 Questions for Albin PORQUEZ

Chief Executive Officer of Executive Relocations,

Which services are most frequently offered through Relocation providers?

Relocation providers offer a wide range of services, and implement your relocation policies and company culture.
The most essential and well-known services are:

  • Assistance in home search , which requires a solid knowledge of a country‘s real estate industry.
  • Assistance with a country’s administrative, legal and legislative procedures.
  • Assistance with all aspects of primary and higher level education systems.

There are a vast number of other services, such as move management.

Why should relocation services be used ?

From a cost-efficiency point of view, this choice is beneficial to any type of organisation.
The implementation of a permanent “relocation service” involves the daily engagement of human and financial resources. The use of relocation services supports companies and institutions in encouraging their team members to relocate. A change in home and work environments is always stressful. The job of a relocation professional is to reassure the transferee and support them so they may remain focussed on their job; this service guarantees ready and transferees employees.

We could be defined as ” stress relievers “. .

How does one select a relocation service provider?

In my opinion, a good relocation professional , is one who is able to guarantee his/her corporate clients service continuity.

For that to be possible, the following must be available:

  • a robust network ,
  • a capable and committed team of professionals,
  • and a comprehensive service offering, providing complete coverage of services for our client.

Furthermore, the ability to commit ourselves to quantifiable results is also proof of a Relocation company’s dedication.

Another point to be carefully considered is: the teams ability to understand specific HR challenges, and their commitment to respecting confidentiality.
Lastly, membership to certain recognised trade unions and professional associations is a guarantee of a code of ethics in the management of business processes.